Zero Defect Culture

Zero Defect is a quality culture at IMS Buhrke-Olson embraced by all management and employees. All three manufacturing facilities have the same Zero Defect systems in place, including a lessons learned database used to look across each facility to share awareness at all levels.

To assure zero defect to our customers, our culture is to reward and recognize all employees that protect the quality of our product. Management drives awareness of the products that incorporate our components in weekly Quality Circles, assuring that we all know the importance of our work.

Management gathers data from all the Zero Defect programs that have been implemented, reviews it closely and shares it at all levels to assure growth and improvement. Goals are set and adjusted to challenge and drive the team to higher levels of standards. Management encourages all employees to go above and beyond, because each of our jobs is important. We truly believe zero defect quality is everyone’s job!

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