In-House Cleaning to ISO 16232-10

IMS Buhrke-Olson is leading the stamping industry with new highly technical in-house cleaning equipment with high micron water filtration that uses recycled water. This allows us to better serve our environment and meet high ISO14001:2015 certification standards.

We have custom engineered fixtures for each type of customer part, in turn with a custom PPM system to assure all critical particles are removed part by part to meet the standard cleanliness requirement of the customer print. Each facility has the latest laboratory layout and laboratory construction to guarantee no external particles enter the lab testing area. We also use an environmental cleanliness extraction unit with microscopic filter traps with recorded temperature and humidity controls.

We have highly trained lab technicians to operate the certified lab and equipment. This lab testing equipment and software is state of the art and certified by an outside third party laboratory yearly. We are proud to exhibit the ISO 16232-10 certification at each of our in-house labs. With our cleaning equipment and certified labs, we are able to support our customer cleaning specifications at PPAP submissions, production shipments and annual certification throughout the life of the program.

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