Progressive Tooling

IMS Buhrke-Olson has a complete staff of tool engineers and project managers to review designs and manage over 150 progressive tools built yearly with North American and overseas tool shops to assure competitive market cost and shorter lead times for FOT & PPAP submissions. We also have bilingual in-house tool designers and tooling staff, with complete state of the art CNC & wire machines to support in-house builds, engineering changes and tool production startups. We have tool build standards to assure designs and builds are robust to handle the work load required.

We use the latest tooling management software to follow tools from early design to production startup. We also use a look across database based on history of similar designs and parts running in production. Using this database, we apply all lessons learned to each new tool project. IMS Buhrke-Olson also uses this database to tie in with our zero defect quality culture to assure faster PPAP submission and clean startup for production orders — assuring tools are 100% production ready.

We carry a large investment in tool spare parts inventory, as our culture is driven by the principle that customer tools are the heart of our operation and must be in top running condition through the program life of the tooling project. We take great pride in measuring tool efficiency and quality output each time a tool runs. Production repeatability and stroke-by-stroke standards contribute to our zero defect and on-time delivery reputation — without expedited freight and customer line down conditions. IMS Buhrke-Olson is truly a leader in progressive die tooling.

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